Stamatovic denied guilt

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After two and a half hours, the hearing of counselor at the Embassy of Montenegro in Brussels Predrag Stamatovic at the Special Prosecutor’s Office has ended.

The TVCG learned that Stamatovic has denied to be a member of an organized criminal group, which is suspected of damaging the state budget for more than four million Euros in the affair “Primorka”.

Stamatovic was questioned by the prosecutor Mira Samardzic, and his lawyer Dragoljub Djukanovic told reporters that a plea agreement is out of question.

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office on 19 April issued the arrest warrant for Predrag Stamatovic in oreder to interogate him as a suspect. The suspect contacted Montenegrin investigators and told them that he would return to the country and surrender “as soon as he finishes previously assumed obligations”.

Arrest warrant has also been issued for former director of NLB Bank, Slovenian national Crtomir Mesaric.

Under investigation is 13 more people, while the owner of the company “Melgonia Primorka” Nebojsa Boskovic, his former wife and owner of Krisma Trade company Biljana Boskovic and chief executive of “Primorka” from Bar Svetozar Markovic are currently in custody.

Along with twelve other people, including former and current civil servants, they are accused of abusing office and damaging the state budget for more than 4,000,000 Euros when granting state aid to the company “Melgonia Primorka”.

Besides Boskovic, Svetozar Markovic and former director of NLB Crtomir Mesaric, who is out of reach of Montenegrin investigative bodies, the suspects list includes the secretary general of the Union of Montenegrin Municipalities Refik Bojadzic, former member of the Montenegron power company board of directors Boris Buskovic, director of “Melgonia” Mile Markovic and executive Director of “Melgonia Primorka” Vinko Marovic.

The Criminal Records include officials of the Ministry of Finance Sefik Kurtagic, Mitar Bajceta, Sonja Becovic, official of the Ministry of Agriculture Darko Konjevic, Irena Mijanovic and Vukica Perovic, reports the newspaper Pobjeda.

The inquest in the “Primorka” affair was conducted over several years. Three special prosecutors are engaged in the case. The process received a boost when Nebojsa Boskovic, one of the organizers of the group, just a day after his arrest proposed a guilty plea.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro