Stankovic to suspend Katnic

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Nebojsa Medojevic, leader of the Movement for Change (PzP), said that the escape of one of the suspected leaders of the Kavac clan, Igor Bozovic, points to the teaming up of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SDT), criminal parts of ANB and the police. He asked SDT Ivica Stankovic to suspend Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoj Katnic.

Media today announced that Bozovic, who has been suspected of criminal association, has left Montenegro.

“It is obvious that there is a reasonable suspicion that Bozovic had co-accomplices at the Special State Prosecution at a very high level, who deliberately delayed submitting a custody order and thus allowed him to escape from the country. It is common practice not to release from custody the suspect that is already arrested for some other crime, until the court decides on custody. This was a precedent and we believe it is a synchronic action of the Montenegrin regime’s top, ” Medojevic said at the press conference.

He said he expected the Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic to make a statement during the day, and to say “what he did regarding this rough scandal”.

“The SDT has made a mistake. A dangerous criminal is not available to justice. Stankovic should say what he will do regarding this violation of the law, and who will bear the responsibility – minimum is suspending (Milivoj) Katnic, so he could not influence the course of the investigation, while optimal would be to arrest him,” said Medojevic.

He said that the European Union (EU) Ambassador in Montenegro should react.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro