Start investigation in order to find out who damaged the vehicle of Vojvodic

Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro expressed concern over the recent case of damaging the official vehicles of Montenegri Radio Television Public Service General Manager Rade Vojvodic.

The EU Delegation pointed out that it represents “an attempt to intimidate the media.
“We expect from the authorities to thoroughly investigate the case and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime,” EU Delegation states.

Once again they emphasized that media freedom is one of the fundamental rights of the European Union and the key pillar of democracy.

“The European Union will not accept any deviation from EU standards in the field of media and expression freedom in countries aspiring to EU membership. The delegation will continue to monitor the if all human rights are expected, including the rights of media and journalists during the process of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union. Freedom of the media is an integral part of the negotiation chapter 23 on Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, under which Montenegro has assumed certain obligations defined in the relevant Action Plan, “the EU Delegation.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro