State aids are being cut for future beneficiaries

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The decision that the provisions of the Law pertaining to the beneficiaries of the state aid are unconstitutional does not derogate the right of those who have been exercising it already but it does deny it for those who could fulfill the conditions in the future, lawyer Dragan Soc considers.

The Constitutional Court held on Wednesday that the provisions of the Amendments to the Social Welfare and Child Protection Act, which provide for state aid for mothers of three and more children, are not in accordance with the Constitution.

Soc said for Mina agency that law constitutes the right to the state aid for mothers who have three or more children.

As he has pointed out, the Constitutional Court’s decision acts for future cases and does not address the rights that have already been constituted.

“In this sense it can be considered that it is an acquired right, although I think the term here is more widely used than its common meaning. However, as legal effects are the same, theoretical debates do not have a practical meaning,” concluded Soc.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro