Stefan Savić invests in small hydropower plants

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The famous Montenegrin footballer, Stefan Savic, is one of the members of the Hydro Bjelojevićka consortium, the first ranked bidder on the list of the Tender Commission for giving concessions for construction of small hydropower plants on river Bjelojevićka in Mojkovac. The share of the shin of the Spanish Atletico Madrid in the consortium is 45 percent, while his business partners are Celebic company from Podgorica with 54 percent share and company called Synergy, with one percent.

The consortium was the only bidder for Bjelojevićka watercourse concessions, published on May 11, writes daily newspaper Dnevne Novine.

Savic’s partner, Podgorica-based “Synergy”, is the first-ranked bidder for Lještanica watercourse, with a share of 99 percent in the Hydro Lještanica consortium made with Vodni Zdroje company from the Czech Republic.

Consortium “Bistrica Clean Energy” (BP Hydropower from Podgorica with 98 percent, Normal Company from Podgorica and Croatian Eucon Samobor with a share of one percent each) is the top-ranking bidder for river Bistrica, while for watercourse Bukovica, the only and thus winning bidder was consortium “Hydra MNE” made up of the company “Hydra Podgorica” ​​with the participation of 98 percent and “IMP” from Ljubljana and “Igma Energy” from Andrijevica with a share of one percent each.

Members of the Tender Commission concluded that these four consortiums, among other things, meet the requirements relating to experience in the management of hydropower facilities, financial ability, technical solutions and other multi-purpose plans.

There was also one invalid bid, for watercourse Sjevernica, submitted by the homonymous consortium consisting of “Nordic Energy Potential” and “Ekotech Energy” from Kolasin, “Gauldal Renewable Energy” from Norway and “Techno Plus” from Podgorica.

The offer, as explained by the Tender Commission, was fine in terms of eligibility, but did not satisfy the criteria with its proposed control of fulfillment of criteria.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro