Steinacker: Solana is your economic and social future

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Solana Museum was full today for the founding of the society in memory of Martin Schneider-Jacoby, great German scientist and ecologist, lover of beauty and region of Ulcinj.

Founding session was attended by German, Albanian and Croatian ambassadors, few of the parliamentary representatives, leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapić, Vice Mayor of Ulcinj Hadidža Đoni and others, Ul-info learns.

Zenepa Lika was chosen as the President of the society, and the Administrative Board will have members such as Darko Saveljić, Adaleta Bibezić, Dragan Hajduković and Dritan Abazović.

Lika sad she would work to preserve Jacoby’s inheritance.

“Solana has all the conditions to become Montenegro’s brand. We need vision and will. We have the vision. Others need to prove their resolve”, Lika said.

One of the founders, German ambassador Gudrun Steinacker, said that this is a matter of Solana’s future and preservation of the biodiversity significant for Europe.

“Solana is your economic and social future. The world will know you and appreciate you for it”, Gudrun Steinacker said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro