Step closer to Adriatic-Ionian pipeline

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The prerequisite for economic and industrial success are joint efforts of Western Balkan countries, as well as the close and constant co-operation.

In this respect, more effort should be put into evaluation of the joint, especially hydro potential in the future, Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić said at the Croatia Summit in Dubrovnik.

At the end of the forum, Kavaric signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian gas pipeline with Croatian and Albanian colleagues and executive director of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan – SOCAR for the Balkans.

SOCAR Executive Director for the Balkans, Murad Heydarov said that the aim of his company is to connect the Caspian and the Adriatic Sea, adding that he believes everything would happen according to plan.

“The Southern Corridor, which contains the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline, is an important segment of our plans. We have good cooperation with the countries involved in the project,” Heydarov.

Minister Kavaric conisders IAP to be the only way for Montenegro gasification so the government is prepared to do everything to accelerate and successfully implement the project.

“Its implementation can be an excellent example of regional cooperation showing that we can be successful when we work together,” Kavaric said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro