Stijepovic: More than 100 million euros of investments at stake in Podgorica

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Having in mind a complex socio-economic environment and reduced capital budget, I have reasons for optimism and satisfaction when it comes to realization of important infrastructural projects. At this moment projects with 20 million euros value are ongoing, and preparation of documentation for projects worth more than 82 million euros is in final phase, said the mayor of Podgorica Slavoljub Stijepovic in an interview to Dnevne newspaper.

Paralel with investments that are done by city management, he added, thanks to incentives that we provided in Podgorica private sectore is realizing investments worth several millions. I am sure that these investments will significantly increase economic activity, employment and improve the general quality of life of citizens of Podgorica.

DN: One of the most important investments today is definitely construction of the factory of cleaning of wastewater. How is that project going?

Stijepovic: The construction of this factory is our priority, and this is the most significant infrastructural project from the aspect of further sustainable development of the Capital city and environmental protection. We are working intensively on realization of this project and we have established daily communication with the government in order to start with the construction as soon as possible since this project is of great importane not only for Podgorica but for all of Montenegro.

DN: What have you done in previous period regarding the road infrastructure in Podgorica?

Stijepovic: In first half of this year we intensively worked on significantly improving the road infrastructure on all of Podgorica’s territory. Many streets were asphalted in Doljani, Stari aerodrom, Konik, Zlatica, Tolosi and Gornja Gorica. In total, 25 kilometres of new roads were asphalted in six months of this year.

DN: Can we expect the beginning of the construction of the Home for elderly people soon?

Stijepovic: We plan to build a Home for seniors on Stari aerodrom with capacity for 250 people in cooperation with Montenegrin government. The value of this project is 7 million euros. By the end of the month we will have the main project finished which will be revised during August. We expect that right after this, in September, the Directorate for public operations will open tender for choosing the best constractor.

The mayor also spoke about many other investments regarding the road infrastructure, swimming pools, kindergardens and improving water supply system in all areas of the municipality. Full interview can be read in Dnevne newspaper printed edition.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro