Still no coordinator for agriculture: Vujovic waiting on Djukanovic

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Yesterday’s session of the Government failed to propose and therefore appoint the head of the department of Agriculture and Rural Development, after Milenko Popovic resigned from the function, learns Pobjeda daily.

The daily’s source adds that the Interior Minister, Goran Danilovic, proposed that Deputy Prime Minister, Milorad Vujovic, coordinates the Ministry of Agriculture until a new minister is appointed.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic who explained to Danilovic that, because Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic was not present, the appointment of the head of this department will have to wait. According to Pobjeda’s source, Mr. Danilovic accepted this.

The standing agreement is to come up with a proposal by next week. Previous Minister of Agriculture, Milenko Popovic, left this function after only seven days in the office, citing health issues.

The government yesterday adopted the list of opposition representatives who will be engaged in the centers for social work and management bodies of state-owned companies at the local level.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro