Still unknown whether SNP will sign the Agreement: Confused and indecisive

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Whether Srdjan Milic will agree to lex specialis and put his signature on the agreement with the government, at this moment remains unknown even to him as it seems, as it does to other members of the general board of Socialistic people’s party as well.

General board of Socialistic people’s party didn’t have a response on Saturday whether this party will sign the agreement, and whether its ministers will be a part of the government in upcoming period.

In Demos, URA and SDP claim that they will no longer wait for SNP.

“If they show up at the signing, they’re welcome, if not, we’ll proceed without them”, an official from one of these parties told to Dnevne newspaper who asked to remain anonymous.

Dnevne newspaper contacted a dozen of members of general board of SNP and all of them said that they have nothing to say officially or unofficially, because they’re not sure what they could say in order for citizens to understand. Staurday’s meeting was quite tumultuous because the leadership of the party didn’t have a clear position.

Some members requested that an additional clause is introduced into the Agreement calling for a referendum on NATO membership, others said that the agreement should be signed, while there were also some who demanded that lex specialis is supported as well as the agreement, but that SNP stays out of the government.

“We’re confused. I personally think that it would be madness to organize another round of negotiations when lex specialis could be finalized even today and the agreement signed right after that. Should we wait for another general board meeting of Socialistic people’s party? This question wasn’t answered even by the president Srdjan Milic”, it was said to us by a general board member who asked to remain anonymous.

According to some from the opposition lex specialis could be finalized even today, which puts SNP in a tight position, because they need to react right away, which is ractically impossible, because Milic doesn’t have the authority to make these decisions by himself, because he personally insisted that organs of the party make decisions of this kind.

SNP is again with no clear position, and it remains to be seen how will their supporters react to this.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro