Stjepcevic: Bad events are behind us, the safety of citizens is guaranteed

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Thanks to the dedicated work and achievements of the Police Directorate and state institutions, the bad events we witnessed are behind us and the safety of all citizens and visitors of Kotor is guaranteed, said the president of the Municipality of Kotor Aleksandar Stjepcevic.

Stjepcevic met the head of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanovic, as well as the head of Security Department of Kotor Igor Popovic. They discussed the security situation in the city.

Stjepcevic pointed out that the Municipality of Kotor would provide full support to the Police Directorate and state institutions in order to implement the current plans and that everything will be done to meet citizens’ interests.

“All necessary measures will be taken in order for Kotor to remain a city of culture, tradition, and a city in which everyone feels at home, having in mind its multicultural and multi-confessional heritage”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro