Stojanovic: Montenegro is safe; I do not run away from responsibility

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Despite the fact that four murders were carried out in the territory in twenty days, police director Slavko Stojanovic points out that the security of Montenegro is not in question and that people and their property are safe. According to him, neither the police, nor he personally run away from responsibility for the things in their jurisdiction.

In the past twenty days, there were four murders in Montenegro, two in Bar, one in Kotor and one in Podgorica. Upon orders and in cooperation with prosecutor’s office, the police is working on their solving.

“Information obtained so far suggests that two out of the four murders have been carried out in an organised manner and that they were motivated by criminal acts committed earlier abroad”, Stojanovic said.

Stojanovic pointed out that in the past few days regional cooperation at the level of criminal police has been intensified through the exchange of relevant knowledge and information in order for the murders, as well as serious crimes committed on the territory of other countries, to be solved.

“It takes some time to turn findings and operational data into evidence that would lead to solving these crimes, which, according to all indicators, have foreign elements in both organisation and execution”, said Stojanovic.

There are developments in the investigations, but Stojanovic could not talk about them.

“When it comes to the murders in Bar, police findings suggest that the motives are the crimes previously committed abroad and related to unsettled scores from criminal activities. Since the protagonists are from Montenegro, the consequences of these conflicts occurred in our territory. Therefore, the competent authorities, primarily the police and prosecutor’s office, should be given enough room and time to independently and in cooperation with other international agencies undertake activities that would lead to collecting evidence for the prosecution of persons responsible”, says Stojanovic.

Police Director clearly states – the country’s security is not compromised.

“Given these circumstances and the fact that the police achieved good results in fighting other forms of crime, as well as in other aspects of police work, I believe that the security of Montenegro is not in question, and that people and their property are safe. Neither the police, nor I personally run away from responsibility for the things in our jurisdiction. Depending on the results to be achieved and the criminal police work analysis in the following period, I will assess if there is need for personnel changes in the organisational units responsible for solving these most serious crimes”, Stojanovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro