Stoltenberg in Montenegro today

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is in the official visit to Montenegro.

As announced by the National Coordinator for NATO, Vesko Garcevic, Stoltenberg will spend two days in Montenegro. During the official visit he will meet the highest officials of our country and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

As media reported earlier, the aim of the visit is confirmation of decisions made at the Summit in Wales, and that means that intensified and focused talks with Montenegro are to follow.

NATO’s previously announced encouraging progress of our country, especially in the sphere of strengthening the rule of law and intelligence reform.

This is the first visit of Stoltenberg to a country in the region which is not a NATO member.

He heads the Alliance since October 2014. Before coming to the function of the Secretary General of NATO, as a member of the Labour Party (Social-Democratic political party of Norway), he was prime minister of Norway. Stoltenberg comes from politically active family, since his father Torvald was also a minister and prime minister of this Scandinavian country.

Stoltenberg has called NATO “the most successful alliance in history,” stating that “NATO has secured the peace in Europe since its creation, and the alliance has managed to adapt to new security challenges.

Until recently, he was the UN special envoy for climate change.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro