Stoltenberg: Montenegro will allocate funds for defense as well as other member states

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Once it becomes a NATO member, Montenegro will be committed to the objectives and obligations of the alliance as other members, which means it will allocate 2% of GDP annually for defence, said the secretary general of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

Commenting on the call on the member states to increase their investment in the defence to 2% of GDP, Stoltenberg reminded that Montenegro will become a member after the ratification of the Accession Protocol.

“Of course, Montenegro will be committed to the same goals and obligations, as well as all members, which means that Montenegro must increase its defence funds and move towards allocating 2% of GDP”, Stoltenberg said at a press conference on the eve of the meeting of defence ministers, which starts tomorrow in Brussels.

He pointed out that there were small and big members, but 2% of BDP represented a measures and a fair manner for all members to be responsible in their contribution, Mina news agency carried.

“It is also important what Montenegro does, so expect Montenegro to contribute as well as Belgium and other NATO member states do”, said Stoltenberg.

He called in mind that two years ago the member states had agreed to increase the defence funds to 2% of GDP in the next ten years.

According to him, it is good news, stating that, after the end of the Cold War, there was a long decline in defence spending when it comes to European states and Canada.

“The 2015 was the first in many years when we saw a slight increase in the allocation for defence. Estimates for 2016 show there is an increase when it comes to European states and Canada”, said Stoltenberg, adding that the Summit in Warsaw would be held at an important moment in terms of security matters. He added that the meeting of defence ministers in the next two days would pave the way for decisions that would be adopted at the summit.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro