Stoltenberg: Signing of the accession protocol is a historic day for NATO and Montenegro

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NATO member states will sign the Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol tomorrow. It will be a historic day for both the country and the alliance, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.

He told reporters that after the signing, Montenegro would participate in all NATO meetings.

“In this way, NATO will continue to contribute to the stability and security of Western Europe. By inviting Montenegro to join NATO, the open-door policy of the alliance has been confirmed, as well as NATO’s commitment to contributing to peace and stability”, Stoltenberg said.

He also answered journalists’ questions concerning a possible referendum, but also Russia’s opposition.

He said that each country, including Montenegro, might choose security alliance which it will join.

“Montenegro has chosen NATO and it is a decision that must be respected. Any sanctions or Russia’s reaction will be absolutely unjustified, because it is about respect for the sovereign decisions of a sovereign nation, Montenegro. Also, it has a right to decide whether there will be a referendum on this issue, or the decision on this matter will be made in some other way”, Stoltenberg concluded.

Tomorrow’s ceremonial signing of the protocol will be attended by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro