Street View: Google starting with driving the roads of Montenegro

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Company Google announced today that it will improve tha quality of Google Maps in Montenegro and start with collecting photographs for its popular Street View service.

Namely, from Google company was said that as of 23rd of June, their automobiles will start with driving and recording panoramic photos at 360° angles in Podgorica and other places, such as historical locations and touristic attractions at the coast.

Street View is a very popular service on Google maps, introduced for the first time in 2007 and available in 76 countries of the world. It enables its users to virtually research locations and see them via panoramic photos made at th very locations. Also, Street View service is available on Google Earth service as well as within Google Maps for mobile devices.

“We plan to start with driving around Podgorica, and shortly after with recording other cities and places with special focus on the south of Montenegro and seaside locations such as Herceg Novi, Kotor, Dobrota, Budva, Sutomore, Bar and Ulcinj. We plan to cover majority of the roads network in next couple of months. Plan largely depends on some facotrs outside of our control, such as weather conditions, road closings and similar”, it was said from Google.

Service enables the user to see the object, for example a restaurant, before he or she makes a reservation, to make a plan of travel, organize a meeting place, and can also be helpful in geography assignments and similar. Users searching for new residence can also use Street View to save time because they can see the real estate, its surrounding and see how to reach the location.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro