Strong USA support for joining the EU

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US Vice-President Pence’s messages represent a major step for Montenegro and the wind in the sails towards membership in the European Union (EU), Davor Djenero, a political analyst from Zagrebsaid.

He said that Pece in Podgorica praised the courage and determination that Montenegro deserves for the continuity of the policy that has been leading from the moment of independence to this day.

“Montenegro is in the stage when it harvests the fruits of a consistent and well-thought-out policy. Now Montenegro has guaranteed external stability and the wind in the sails from the friends towards EU membership,” Djenero said to daily ‘Pobjeda’.

He points out that accession to NATO significantly changed and facilitated institutional dialogue with the EU.

“The EU and NATO are two sides of the same coin. That is a big step forward for Montenegro. In a way, Pence promised that Montenegro will have strong support from America in the final of the EU accession,” Genero stressed.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro