Submitted the application for entry of SD in the Register

The first man of Montenegrin Social Democrats (SD) Ivan Brajovic personally submitted an application to the Ministry of Interior for registration of SD in the Register of political parties today, RTCG Portal finds out unofficially.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) has requested recently from the Minister of Internal Affairs Rasko Konjevic not to allow the party in the process of establishment led by Ivan Brajovic to be officially registered under the name of Social Democrats of Montenegro.

In a letter that the SDP secretary general, Borislav Banovic sent to Minister Konjevic, in which the RTCG portal had access, it was announced that the acceptance of the registration of a new party under that name constituted a violation of the law on political parties.

Then the media team of Ivan Brajovic said that the legal conditions for the prohibition of registration do not exist, and that the political differences between the Social Democrats and Montenegro SDP, regardless the name, is crystal clear to everybody.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro