Successful decade since independence renewal


Montenegro has fulfilled all it could fulfill during ten years since the renewal of independence, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Miroslav Lajcak said.

“To be honest, where Montenegro is now, ten years ago. we could only dream of. This decade will be remembered as a very successful in the history of Montenegro,” Lajcak said to daily Pobjeda.

Lajcak, who is a former ambassador to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the High Representative for BiH, the first man on EU relations with Russia, the Balkans and the Eastern neighborhood, as well as EU envoy for the referendum on independence for Montenegro, believes that everyone in Montenegro have all the reasons to be proud of the country’s achievements in the celebration of the tenth anniversary of independence.

“The country has found its place in the system of international relations, it has become a member of practically all international organizations, made a key step towards membership in the European Union and received a NATO invitation,” Lajcak said.

He said that that success can’t be denied.

Commenting on the final stage of Euro-Atlantic integration, Lajcak says he sees no external interference for quick ratification of the NATO Agreement with Montenegro in the parliaments of member countries.a

Source: Radio Television Montenegro