Successful year in spite of the parliament obstructions

The largest political problem of Montenegro in 2015 has been the abandoning of standard political formulas of the relationship between the Government and the Parliament,Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said, assessing tghat internal stability has been preserved even in such conditions.

Djukanovic said that this year had been the most important one in the recent Montenegrin history since the restoration of independence in 2006, primarily given the NATO’s decision to extend membership invitation to our country.

“This represents achievement of one of the most important strategic goals of Montenegro’s national policy. The decision is even more important for our country bearing in mind the geopolitical context at the time it was passed and the fact that, for the first time in the recent history of NATO enlargement, the invitation was sent to a single country, from the ministerial level, between two summits. All this additionally obliges us, as a small Balkan country, to continue the reforms with even greater commitment, as they do not end upon obtaining full membership or after that”, said Prime Minister during the open session of the Government at Cetinje.

Djukanovic assessed that the state has great intensity of the EU accession process.

“22 chapters have been opened, and 2 temporaly closed. We have also met the opening benchmarks for 7 chapters, majority of which are considered to be the most demanding ones y securing the preconditions for starting with the negotiations under such demanding chapters of the Acquis, Montenegro has shown the readiness of its administration to meet even the most complex obligations from the European agenda.”

The Government, as Prime Minister said, during this year particular effort had been invested in the area of the rule of law.

“Since the opening of negotiations on chapters 23 and 24, 47 reform laws have been adopted, thus completing the regulatory framewrok in this field. We have focused additionally on establishing the key institutions. Special Prosecutor’s Office has been set up and started with efficient operation. Specialized units to fight corruption and organized crime have been set up within the police. The Council and Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency have been appointed. Judging by the share of disposed cases against the inflow of new civil cases, the Montenegrin judiciary is ranked among the best performing ones in Europe, together with the German, Austrian and Ukrainian counterparts.“

This, as he assessed, were major steps forward in further strengthening of the rule of law.

“All this has also been recognized in the November 2015 EC Country Report for Montenegro. This is the most positive report on our country so far.”

Djukanovic said that this year has also been successful at the field of the ecnomic policy.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro