Successor to Mitja Drobnič

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Newly appointed Chief of European Delegation in Montenegro Aivo Orav submitted today accreditation letters to the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović. With this act, he officially became an ambassador of EU to Podgorica. Ambassador Orav thank the President for the warm welcome.

„It is my honor and privilege to represent European Union in Montenegro, during a crucial time in their relationship. After four years of negotiations, 24 opened and two temporarily closed chapters, Montenegro continues its steady pace on European path and leads the integration process in Western Balkan. This is success of the whole society. There is no doubt that my time here will be marked with a period of intense reforms. I am convinced that during the next four years we will be witness to visible results in all processes. It will be a long journey that will require patience and dedication, but it will get us closer to EU membership”, the statement reads.

European Union Delegation will continue to support his process in Montenegro, monitoring progress and giving advice, as well as technical and financial support.

„I am looking forward to strengthening our cooperation with institutions, civic society, media, international partners and other relevant factors in Montenegro’s socio-political and economic life. During my mandate, my team and I, along with our partners in Montenegrin institutions, will strive to inform the citizens as best we can about the possibilities of EU membership”, Orav concluded.

Ambassador Orav was named by High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini in July of 2016. Before that, he was EU Delegation chief in Macedonia, ambassador of Estonia to Turkey, in charge of Lebanon and Azerbaijan, as well as ambassador of Estonia to Poland, including Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Ambassador Orv was in different positions in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, including political director position.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro