Suhih: "Troika" showed that they’re not serious

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Opposition “troika” showed that they’re not politically serious and capable of serious government work, and that they joined the government in order to obstruct its work, and not to imporve it, said the Socialdemocrats of Montenegro.

„Opposition “troika”, by lack of specific results of its representatives in the government and its incompetence to decide whether they want to remain in or leave the government, showed a big level of political frivolity and incompetence for serious government work”, said the member of presidency of the Socialdemocrats Djordje Suhih.

According to his words, since this is a heterogeneous structure with no program or any other similarities, it’s now wonder that they cannot agree on issue of exiting the government.

„It’s not easy to have unanimous positions when your only common factor is a desire to replace the current regime and nothing else”, said Suhih to agency MINA.

Unfortunately, he added, it turned out to be what Socialdemocrats have said long time ago – the so called “troika” didn’t join the government to improve it, but to obstruct its work.

„But, since the obstruction tactics was not well received with citizens, they are faced with decline in their ratings in public and needed an excuse to leave the government believeing that this would get them back the lost credibility”, said Suhih.

Socialdemocrats, as he said, won’t deal with plans and activities of other political subjects, although the others seem to deal a lot with them. “What will be the final decision of “troika”, and what will the other members decide, we don’t care”.

Suhih said that Socialdemocrats will continue to execute their political program from the position of the authority before and after the elections, regardless of what happens with the government of electoral trust.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro