Support for NATO has not declined

The national coordinator for NATO, Vesko Garcevic, denied in a statement to Portal Analytics, that the government hid the public opinion survey on the support of NATO, pointing out that he spoke to the media about the research conducted in late March and early April on several occasions.

The daily newspaper Dan reported in the artickle “Government hid the research because the support of NATO is low” that the results of opinion polls on the support of NATO membership ordered by the Communication team of NATO at the end of March and beginning of April, have never been published because they have shown that the support to accession to the military alliance is extremely low.

Garcevic said that he repeatedly spoke to the media.

“So many times we have emphasized the level of public support. I spoke about this in NATO Info Centre, where journalists were present and they have not communicate that information, because they thought that there were information that were more important in that time, ” said Garcevic.

He pointed out that, when he presented all the data in the NATOInformationCenter, the Dan’s journalist was also present.

“They probably all thought that it was already a known fact and there is no need to write about it. Now it seems we have something to hide, ” said national coordinator for NATO.

Garcevic said that this year, support has not decreased though the research was at a time of NATO bombing anniversary.

He also said that the allegations that the Government supported the NATO Day with 20 000 Euros.

“NATO day was organized by the Atlantic Council, and we are just giving logistical support to the event and participated in its implementation, but we did not financially support it,” said Garcevic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro