Suspects in the homicide case in Nikšić are in a hearing in Podgorica

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Peko Đikanović (43) and Dragan Kontić (33) were arrested on the suspicion that they killed Dragoljub Mijušković in Nikšić, and this morning they were transferred from Nikšić to Podgorica. They will be questioned by state prosecutor Suzana Milić.

Homicide happened yesterday close to City tavern on the main city square around 10.30h, in plain sight.

Peko Đikanović and Dragan Kontić turned into right after the homicide, and they had TT pistols they used in the murder on them.

“Đikanović had a fight with Mijušković that provoked the murder”, source from the police said.

According to Pobjeda daily, suspects shot 12 bullets from two guns.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro