Sutorina is part of Montenegro and that is the end of that story

Mayer of Trebinje Slavko Vucurevic said that for him, story about Sutorina is finished long time ago. At the same time, he estimated that reopening of the case is an attempt to undermine relations between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“For me as the mayor of Trebinje the problem with Sutorina is practically nonexistent. Sutorina for me is an integral part of Herceg Novi, and I consider current events as a political insinuation that is designed to spoil relations between Trebinje and Herceg Novi, i.e. between border municipalities in eastern Herzegovina and Montenegro, and that is the border I care about the most”, Vucurevic said for radio Antena M.

He said that those who wanted to do something had a chance to try to find the solution to the problem on the state level.

“I think this is all just a malicious imputation to Trebinje and to municipalities in eastern Herzegovina. To repeat again, Sutorina is part of the Herceg Novi municipality as it was for years and decades, and I do not see a way to change that attitude and such relationship”, explains Vucurevic.

Commenting on why the issue is being activated again, he said he believed it was “because of certain social tensions in the Republic of Srpska.”

“Someone thinks that the creation of some affairs like Sutorina would move things from one field to another and it has been already proven that you can’t see the tree from the forest. It is purely a daily political story that has nothing to do with anything. I believe that my attitude is also the attitude of the majority of the citizens of Trebinje – that question is over for us”, he said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro