Sutorina may endanger European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Montenegrin Parliament Committee on International Relations and Emigrants started a control hearing of Ministers of Foreign and Internal Affairs Igor Luksic and Rasko Konjevic regarding the dispute with Bosnia and Herzegovina on delimitation of the Sutorina area . Luksic said that the issue Sutorina may jeopardize the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but not the European integration of Montenegro.

Members of the Committee unanimously passed the decision on the hearing, on the initiative of the deputies of Positive Montenegro Darko Pajovic. The initiative for hearing Luksic and Konjevic, Pajovic stated that the Assembly should be acquainted with all that has happened and is happening now in connection with the dispute over areas Sutorina through the competent working body .

Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said that the position of Montenegro was more than clear.

“Our position is clear and I do not see that anything can change. This follows from our foreign policy that puts priority on good neighborly relations. The issue of Sutorina is political surplus that should be eliminated as soon as possible, “said Luksic.

Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic recalled that the demarcation between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina was completed.

“We expect to sign an agreement on demarcation soon. During discussions on delimitation between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the issue of Sutorina was never mentioned” said Konjevic at the beginning of the control hearing in the Parliament.

Luksic pointed out that the issue of Sutorina can not endanger the European way of Montenegro.

“This question can only jeopardize BiH’s European path,” said Luksic.

As a reminder, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have completed the demarcation in May last year in Sarajevo, agreed and initialed the document on border issues. The two governments in June and in November established the proposal of the State Border Treaty, under which Sutorina, coastal panhandle near Herceg Novi, remains a part of Montenegro.

Recently, a resolution on Sutorina, has been presented to the BiH parliament, requesting Sutorina to be part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the treaty rejected as detrimental.

BiH House of Representatives tasked the Constitutional Commission to hold a public hearing on Sutorina before 27 February, after which lawmakers will determine the final position on the proposed resolution.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro