Svetozar Marovic defined his agreement with the Prosecution

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High official of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Svetozar Marovic, visited the Special Prosecutor’s Office the day before yesterday to specify his plea deal in relation to five Budva affairs, which he signed on May 17 with prosecutor Sasa Cadzenovic. The agreement provides that he spends one year and ten months in prison and pays a 50.000 fine for fraud.

Pobjeda daily reports Mr. Marovic and his lawyer Zdravko Begovic spent an hour with the Prosecutor, in order to complete the documentation to be submitted to the assessment of the High Court.

Marovic signed two agreements which oblige him to spend a total of four years and four months in prison and pay 100.000 euros to charity. Following the agreement, he was released the same day, after spending six months in the remand prison.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro