Svetozar Marović to be released on Tuesday?



High official of DPS Svetozar Marović should be released on Tuesday. He was held under charges of fraud in Budva Municipality.

Marović spent yesterday in the office of special prosecutor, defining details of plea bargain, Pobjeda learns. Unofficially, he agreed to almost 4 years in prison, because the damage he had done to Budva is greater than many millions. Unofficially, Marović is to sign two agreements by Monday, one for the prosecutor Lidija Vukčević, and one for prosecutor Saša Čađenović.

Marović’s attorney Zdravko Begović said he can make no comments on this case, because it is a confidential matter.

Marović started negotiations in March, and he considered it before. He was arrested on December 17th last year under suspicion that he did illegal business in the cases of Jaz, TQ Plaza and Prijevor, merged into one case by the Prosecution. Shortly thereafter, Marović was accused of participating in frauds done during the construction of the lower boulevard in Budva, the road in selo Krapina, collector construction in Bečići, and cases ,,Properti investment“ and ,,Kopirajt“.

The Prosecution marked him as the boss of a crime organization, with members such as his son Miloš, brother Dragan and aunt Mirjana. Marović’s son Miloš also made a plea bargain in the beginning of this year. He will spend a year in jail and pay 380.000 EUR to the state. Miloš Marović was incarcerated for a month. Lazar Rađenović also signed a plea bargain, after five months in jail. He agreed to two years in prison and 30.000 EUR.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro