Sysoev: Unclear cooperation between United Russia and DF

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Political analyst and editor at Moscow’s Kommersant Gennadiy Sysoev thinks that cooperation between the ruling United Russia with Montenegrin opposition Democratic Front is strange by itself, because official Moscow has always kept distance from parties who are supporting changing the power from the streets, which is what DF tried to do last autumn.

“Also unclear is the attempt of the United Russia to choose as partners parties from Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Bulgaria which are mostly marginal in their own countries”, said Sysoev to Dnevne newspaper.

Putin’s party against non-violent changes of regimes

Ruling United Russia (UR) invited it’s partners from Bakans yesterday to fight against attempts of “colored revolutions”, which are organized by foreign powers in order to destabilize situation in former Yugoslavia.

Leader of New Serbian democracy Andrija Mandic also travelled to Russia recently where he met officials from UR, but obviously has a different opinion on “non-violent changes of regime”.

He said that political theory and practice testify that non-violent non-institutional method of fight is the most efficient for bringing down totalitary regimes such as the one in Montenegro.

“Democratic front successfully applied this method of fight, but in our case something unprecedented has happened. When we managed to get the support of a large number of people who went out on streets and demanded changes, one part of the opposition, instructed by foreign embassies, openly put themselves in service of the regime”, said Mandic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro