Take a look at the Draft Agreement on free and fair elections

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Prime Minister Milo Đukanović sent out the Draft Agreement on creating conditions for free and fair elections to all interested political subjects last night. This agreement is a “result of a process of mutual compromise”. CdM presents the complete document of the drafted agreement.


Draft Agreement states that the opposition will get a function of Vice President of the Government and four minister positions, in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education the opposition will have positions of minister’s assistant with special authorizations.

The control of Agency for National Security ANB will be done through the institution of Inspector General. Doubts were expressed in relation to abuse in electoral process in certain state institutions, so the opposition will control and create a system of continuous reports in Employment Bureau, Fund of Labour, Directorate for Public Works, Fund for Investment and Development, Directorate for Traffic, Tax Administration, Institute for Social and Child Protection, Real Estate Administration, Customs Bureau, Directorate for Forests, Fund for Pension Insurance, Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Companies, Remand Jail ZIKS, Inspection Administration, Fund for Health and Agency for Electronic Media. Representatives of the opposition will hold positions of managers or assistant managers with special authorization in these institutions.


Economic subjects that are predominantly state owned will have one representative of the opposition in the board of directors. Those companies are: AD Electrical Supply of Montenegro, AD Airports of Montenegro, AD Post Office of Montenegro, AD Montenegro Airlines, AD “13. Jul Plantaže” andi d.o.o. Monteput.

The deadline for the implementation of Government positions is 15 days since the signing of the Agreement, and the deadline for implementing positions in the state administration is 10 days since the implementation of Government positions.


The deadline for holding regular parliamentary elections is October 9th 2016. Political subjects who are signatories of the Agreement, agree to use the existing framework of parliamentary dialogue between parties’ leaders until the elections. This will present further guarantee for the regularity of the elections, especially keeping in mind that a part of political subjects that will participate in the elections will not be represented in the Government. Also, some of the matters relevant for election’s regularity are not under the jurisdiction of the Government.


Three laws to change

In the Draft Agreement, the chapter relating to media cities “the report of EK for 2015”. This report states that “the lack of firm professional and ethical standards, as well as the lack of efficient self-regulation, are not contributing to the progress in the freedom of the media”. Signatories would like to preserve the principle of non-interference in the institutional and editorial independence of all media subjects, but they are appealing to the Public Service to provide the respect of standards, equal representation and objective reporting, keeping in mind that we are in the electoral year.


The lack of current legal framework for the media will be fixed by starting an initiative to change three laws, on radio services, media and electronic media.

SNP to participate

Prime Minister Milo Đukanović sent out the Draft Agreement to URA, Demos, SDP, Positive Montenegro and coalition partners. SNP will hold a session of their Steering Committee today to discuss the Agreement. Chairman of the Representatives’ Club of SNP Aleksandar Damjanović stated for Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily that at this time, the Agreement contains a big part of what this party has been lobbying from the beginning of the dialogue.

“I think there is still a short window of time in the following period to discuss a few other elements necessary for complete control of the electoral process. After that, Steering Committee of SNP will reach a decision on the Agreement”, Damjanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro