Take a look at the first animated video: NATO and EU share the same values

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Communication team of Council for NATO membership made four animated videos for the subject of Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Take a look at the first video and its message:


The animation aims to explain the significance of the rule of law and compatibility between NATO and EU process, explaining that by becoming a member of NATO we become a part of an alliance of countries based on values such as democracy, human rights and civil liberties.

The animation reminds that of 28 member states of NATO, 22 are also members of EU.

Contemporary Europe is based on two things: EU and NATO, and they represent its political, economic and safety net. Membership in NATO gives way to membership in EU. By accomplishing NATO standards, especially in the area of rule of law, EU standards get easier to accomplish.

Membership in NATO will strengthen Montenegro’s position as a civil country, its institutions will be stronger, and better minority and human rights achieved.

The goal of the videos is to explain the matters that are most intriguing to the public, especially the youth.

They will be available on Facebook and Twitter, and the internet page Safe Future.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro