Tax Administration confirmed: PinkM TV’s tax debt is 10 times lower than announced

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PinkM TV’s unpaid liabilities for taxes and social welfare contributions amount to €24,993, it was said at a meeting between representatives of the Tax Administration and this television.

It is almost 10 times less than the amount announced on Monday by finance minister Rasko Konjevic referring to the information obtained from the very Tax Administration.

At a session of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget, Konjevic stated that this media outlet owed €201,000 based on taxes and contributions.

When it comes to tax debt among media outlets, the media group Vijesti is the biggest debtor. Its debt based on taxes and contributions amounts to nearly €700,000, including €295,000 owed by Vijesti TV.

“This confirms our suspicion that the representatives of the Tax Administration and the Ministry of Finance, deliberately announced false information on alleged €201,000 tax debt of PinkM TV, only to mitigate several hundred thousand euros in unpaid debts by opposition media group Vijesti. In the same time, they drastically reduced Vijesti’s debt, ie read the amount that Vijesti’s owners Zeljko Ivanovic and Miordrag Perovic submitted at that very moment. The reported debt does not include old tax debts that the two owners, as they yesterday publicly announced, neither paid nor intend to pay”, PinkM TV stated.

PinkM TV has liabilities based on debt restructure amounting to €68,547. The media outlet claims that they regularly pay the instalments based on this debt.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro