Teacher slapped the girl?



Seven year-old girl, a second grade pupil of the Savnik Education Center, got slapped by the teacher M. C, according to her father Zeljko Saliju.

According to Zeljko’s allegations, the incident occurred because the girl, when asked by the teacher why she did not do the school assignment, she replied: “Because you did not dictated this.”

“Then the teacher slammed his fist on the table and slapped he,” claimed the father of a seven year old girl for ‘’Dnevne novine’’.

The photo of the pupil with red spots on the face or fingerprints from the slap she allegedly received from a nervous teacher, was published on social networks and shocked the Montenegrin public.

“Nervous teacher beat the girl!” was a description of the photo that was posted on the Facebook page ‘’Podgoricki vremeplov’’. The whole case was reported to the police.

“This is really shameful what happened, not because she is my child, but it is a shame for all children to go to school so someone would beat them. I do not send my child to be beaten, but I send her to school so someone could teach her something,” said the outraged father.

After the incident, the parents took out a medical certificate and reported the case to the authorities.

Father said that no one contacted him from the school.

Director of Savnik Education Center Branko Lazarevic said that the institution is checking the allegations posted on the social network Facebook.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro