Temporary objects must operate a minimum of six months

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The Plan for temporary facilities in the coastal zone for 2016/18 brings a number of novelties. In order to encourage the extension of the season, the Plan will introduce a new dynamic for the use of temporary facilities – they must be open for a period of at least six months.

Temporary objects on the coast are very diverse in their form, purpose, applied materials, installation and use.

“A large number of these objects can be described as “inappropriate” for reasons of non-functionality to perform activities of catering, trade, etc., and because they often interfere with normal pedestrian traffic, the view of the sea, and do not fit in with their surroundings. The biggest downside of these objects is the low level of their materialization, so in the urban sense, they represent a negative factor for the ambiance”, said the document prepared by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

Ministry added temporary facilities are not preferable in highly urbanized environments, except on very rare, specialized locations. They explained the Plan is only a temporary measure, and that in the future, the State Location Study (DSL) will be the reference for placement of objects, exclusively by their aesthetic and functional, ambient nature, and no longer by only economic and social criteria.

However, factoring in that the adopted DSL requires significant resources, and weighing the evident need for seasonal catering facilities in the narrow belt of the Coastal Zone, the Plan for temporary facilities will remain effective to enable the continued use of this space, but with the aim to considerably improve the quality of temporary facilities and examine the possibility of their classification, typing and unification.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro