Terna gets green light for the underwater cable

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Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism issued a building permit to the company Terna Montenegro for the installation of an undersea power cable from Italy to Montenegro, through Montenegrin territory.

The cable starts at the entry into the territorial waters of Montenegro and ends with a connection to the converter station in Lastva Grbaljska, municipality of Budva.

The submarine cables will cross the coast through the previously deposited HDPE pipes. The entry point of this pipe into the sea is at a depth of ten meters.

The two poles of the cable are laid in separate trenches. The converter station in which the cables are connected to the plant will be located in Lastva Grbaljska. At the same time, the optical cable for telecommunications link will be installed as well.

“Investor loses his building right if he does not start building the facility within two years”, the Ministry added in their permit.

Terna requested the construction permit from the Ministry of Sustainable Development on June 22 this year.

Agreement on linking Italy and Montenegro via energy cable was signed in the mid of November 2010. The project is worth around one billion euros, but Montenegro will give only 100 million euros of its money.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro