Terrorist attack a farce? Audio recording of suspects’ conversation!

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After Dnevne Novine daily published the transcript of suspects’ conversation in which they discuss planning attacks and riots in Podgorica after the elections, as well as an armed attack on Montenegrin institutions, Aleksandar Sindjelic Sindja in Serbian media denied any involvement in activities of the election day. However, Dnevne Novine daily owns audio recording of Sindjelić and certain Velimirovic, that clearly proves that Sindjelic is the coordinator of groups who were planning to enter the Parliament of Montenegro.


Sinđelić is suspected to be the leader of a criminal group and that he organized terrorist attacks with Bratislav Bata Dikic.

Speaking to Serbian media, Sindjelic sad that he met Dikic, but they were not friends. He did not know other members of the arrested group. He only knows that they went to give support to “their brothers”, not make a problem.

Dnevne Novine daily owns audio recording of Sindjelić and certain Velimirovic, also a member of the group. The recording clearly proves that Sindjelic directly coordinates the operation of merging groups that came to Montenegro with Dikic. He is also trying to calm down Velimirovic and his people, telling them to be patient and wait for Dikic and preparations for breaking into the Parliament.

We leave it up to citizens of Montenegro and Serbia to determine if statements of this Cetnik leader are true.


Dnevne Novine will continue publishing transcripts of intercepted conversations these people who tried along with Montenegrin political entities to incite chaos and violent break into the Parliament on 16 October.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro