Th Opposition wants to return MNE to the past

The opposition has been constantly trying to bring Montenegroback into the past, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said estimating that most of the citizens would not support such a policy at the next elections.

Asked what would happen if the opposition succeeds in the attempt to change the Government at the next elections and whether that would stop Montenegro on its way to NATO, Djukanovic said that he sincerely believes that this would not happen, stating that situation in opposition assured him of that.

“Unfortunately, the opposition has contributed that the relations between government-opposition do not change for twenty years. First of all, that is the same opposition which in 1996 and the following years tried to stop Montenegro’s rejection of Milosevic’s policy.

Those parties strongly opposed to the restoration of independence in 2006, and the same opposition later asked of NATO and EU officials not to receive applications of Montenegro for membership in these alliances. It is the same opposition which even now strongly opposes the state course of European and Euro-Atlantic integrations,” Djukanovic said for Radio Free Europe.

“These parties are apparently unaware of the inevitability that occurred after the fall of the Berlin Wall and all that happened after that. Perhaps in fear of the new and unknown to them, the opposition is trying to stop Montenegro in the past and that is the essence of their policy, “Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister believes that the prudent, temperate, sensible democratic and pro-European majority in Montenegro is aware that giving support to such a policy would mean canceling social and economic capital that was made in the last 20 years.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro