Thaci: We trust NATO maps

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The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, said at today’s debate on the agreement on the demarcation with Montenegro that “the demarcation issue does not exist as a national problem.”

For the first time the Kosovo government and the opposition are facing views in the hearing of the disputed issue of border demarcation with Montenegro. The debate was held in the Parliament building, but it is a scientific and professional debate, and it will not make binding decisions, only recommendations.

“Kosovo has not lost even a meter of its territory. Also, I want to clarify that the Kosovo institutions made demarcation, and not rewriting the history” said Thaci, reports Radio Free Europe.

He added that the Kosovo authorities “believe NATO Maps, not the Yugoslav experts.”

“It is not only a question of demarcation with Montenegro, but of political maturity and the ability of Kosovo to act in accordance with international obligations,” said Thaci, adding that, without demarcation, there will be no visa liberalization for Kosovo.

Thaci said that demarcation was one of the conditions of statehood.

“The Republic of Kosovo has to meet this criterion and define border with all neighboring countries, including Montenegro. Therefore, without clear borders, there will be no visa liberalization,” Thaci said.

His speech was boycotted by deputies of the opposition Self-Determination Movement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro