Thaci’s visit contribution to peace

Foreign policy analyst Bosko Jaksic said that the visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo Hashim Thaci to Montenegro can only contribute to the normalization of relations and reconciliation in the region.

He stressed that he also believes that “the time when Belgrade very turbulently and emotionally reacted when Montenegro recognized the independence of Kosovo” has passed.

“Belgrade is now using much more rational assessments. Therefore, I believe that the Serbian leadership will understand this and accept it as regular contacts that Podgorica has with all its neighbors, including Kosovo. I think that any excessive noise will not be made, bearing in mind that these relationships are raised to a much higher level, thanks to the activities of Prime Ministers Milo Djukanovic and Aleksandar Vucic”, said Jaksic for Antena M.

Thaci arrives in Montenegro on Thursday, when three associations, Alliance of Associations of Displaced in Montenegro, the Association of Montenegrins from Metohija, and the Association of Families of Missing and Murdered in Kosovo ‘’Bozur’’, have announced protest.

“I see this as an internal struggle within Montenegro and I think that Serbia should not interfere in the internal affairs of Montenegro”, said Jaksic.

Association of Kosovo Montenegrins, on the other hand, welcomed the arrival of Thaci because, as they say, “Montenegro, without any doubt, has always been a factor of regional peace and prosperity, thus this visit being a logical continuation of this policy”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro