The agreement is capital of all citizens

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The SDP, Demos and URA signed an agreement on creation of conditions for fair and free elections, which have been agreed with the Government.

The agreement was signed by the leaders of Demos and URA Miodrag Lekic and Zarko Rakcevic, vice president of SDP Mirela Radic Ljubisavljevic, and it is expected that the President of DPS and the Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic would do it during the day. This document is the capital of all citizens of Montenegro, said Rakcevic at the press conference.

Three documents were signed today – the Lex Specialis, the Agreement on Free and Fair Elections and the declaration by which the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), Demos and URA undertake not to enter into coalition with the DPS before nor after the elections.

Rakcevic said he expected a significant number of political subjects would sign the agreement. The SNP leader, Srdjan Milic, has not signed the Agreement, but has signed a joint statement of URA, Demos and SNP.

“I am personally satisfied with the achieved,” said Rakcevic, adding that Montenegro does not need changes that are not peaceful.

“We are confident that the opposition and DPS need to ensure control of the elections through positions in the state administration and public enterprises. We want to do everything to void misuse of state resources and party recruitment, and to enable citizens to freely choose on 9 October, without hesitation,” said Rakcevic.

“We think this is the social capital of all citizens in favor of a civil state,” said Rakcevic.

URA, he said, is not interested in ministerial positions, but it considers the option to recommend one of the non-party figures for positions they are entitled to by ministerial level quotas.

“In public administration, in these 16 institutions at the level of public companies, public administrations, URA has its candidates and it will participate on an equal footing,” explained Rakcevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro