The boycott of Parliament unjustified idea

Representative of DPS Miodrag Vukovic believes that the idea of a boycott of parliament, as one of the possible moves of the opposition to push the government to begin to apply the electoral legislation, is not justified.

Part of the opposition said that the government does not respect the electoral law, and that the opposition should find the answer to that, which does not exclude the possibility of the boycott of parliament.

“Absolutely there are opportunities to continue the legitimate and parliamentary procedures that will lead to the necessary, and reasonable development of the part of our legal system regarding the elections. These procedures are not blocked, and nobody prevents them. ” Vukovic said in an interview with daily ‘’Pobjeda’’. The thesis that someone has blocked the implementation of the electoral legislation, has politicized charge, Vukovic said.
Vukovic says that electoral legislation is a process that requires time.

“I think that colleagues from the opposition should recognize all the stupidity and the risk that are send by messages that the system should be suspended.’’

Recall, earlier the representative of Demos Goran Danilovic estimated that the government does not apply the election laws. A representative of URA Dritan Abazovic said that Montenegrin opposition should find a model how to put pressure on the government, adding that the boycott of the Parliament should not be excluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro