The cattle disease caused a quarrel in the government: Opposition ministers left cabinet meeting

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Opposition ministers in the government of electoral trust Budimir Mugosa, Boris Maric, Goran Danilovic and Rasko Konjevic, as well as deputy prime minister Milorad Vujovic left the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

The ministers had a quarrel over the lumpy skin disease of cattle. All government members agree that the people who lost their cattle due to the disease should be compensated, but they do not agree on how it should be done.

“All the citizens must be compensated by receiving new cows/bulls. In the cases when it is not possible, possibility of cash payment should be left”, Vujovic said.

As the finance minister Rasko Konjevic said, the issue appeared because the deputy prime minister Petar Ivanovic suggested that the pre-selected supplier should be freed of VAT.

“According to the law, we cannot privilege anyone to be exempted from VAT”, Konjevic explained.

Deputy prime ministers Azra Jasavic and Petar Ivanovic believe all these reasons are politicised.

“We should not waste time, because purchasing requires following the procedure. I cannot understand no one in the government or outside of it who are committed to delaying the procedure of buying cattle”, he said, adding that it was agreed that farmers who cannot continue to grow cattle should be compensated.

“I was pleased that the minister of agriculture Budimir Mugosa agreed with this approach. Regarding this information, there were no disagreements about this. The arguments have occurred as a result of persistent politicking efforts to obtain political points, rather than purchasing the cattle. I hope that citizens will recognise this. As a government, we will try to compensate for the damage as soon as possible”, said Ivanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro