The citizens expect alternative

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One of the leaders of the Great coalition “Key” Zarko Rakcevic said that Montenegro can not be an example of free elections. He believes that citizens expect alternative to decades-long rule of the DPS.

Rakcevic said that the Interior Minister from the ranks of opposition Goran Danilovic will know how to assess whether identity cards are relevant for voting in the elections on 16 October.

He is convinced that the Great coalition “Key”, consisting of Demos, SNP and the URA, and their program, is the best offer for the recovery of Montenegro.

“Without party features and without any insults and foul language, we are calling for a different, not private and criminalized, but legal state, Montenegro of us all. DPS and supporting parties, after 26 years of absolute power, are seeking support for the continuation of poor and irresponsible policy supposedly defending endangered Montenegro and its values,” said Rakcevic to Vijesti.

He reminded that, after they signed a statement that they will not enter coalition with the DPS after the elections, ‘’a chase full of lies, nonsense and falsehoods of the court’s media, analysts and propagandists” was started.

“They were also joined by a part of favorite opposition members from the DF. I have no dilemma that, just like after the hunt from the 1990s, the time as a masterly sieve will confirm the validity of GP URA attitudes and that morally stumbled mercenaries and hounds will again have to be realigned,” he said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro