The Committee interrogates Konjevic and Luksic

Parliamentary Committee for International Relations and Diaspora will held control hearing of the Ministers of Foreign and Internal Affairs, Igor Luksic and Rasko Konjevic, on the occasion of the dispute of our country with Bosnia and Herzegovina concerning delimitation of the area of Sutorina.

The interrogation of Luksic is suggested by Darko Pajović, while the members of the committee concluded that it is needed to hear the opinion of Konjevic as well, in order to come to more complete information, reports RTV Montenegro.

Pajovic said that even an inch of the territory of Montenegro must not be left to anyone, and that the Montenegrin authorities must have more serious position regarding the territorial claims that were expressed from various sides.

“Regardless of the opinion of the President of the Board Miodrag Vukovic that we should not deal with the issue, I consider that the Parliament through the competent working body should be acquainted with all that has happened and is happening now in connection with the media reports regarding the dispute of Sutorina”, Pajovic said in an interview with daily ”Dan”.

He said that the redrawing of borders in the Balkans is a finished story.

“These and similar initiatives return people of the region in the recent past. We should look to the future. People should be given a chance to work and earn money. We should improve the economy of the region. The story of borders has been already told”, Pajovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro