The construction of Vjeternik to begin soon

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The main works on the construction of tunnel Vjeternik will start during the next few days, TV RTCG learns. A permit for the construction of bridge Moračica will be given soon, after which intense works will begin.

Ministry of Sustainable Development gave a permit for the construction of tunnel Vjeternik, that is considered to be the most demanding facility in the Bar – Boljare highway, along with bridge Moračica.

Preparation works on the tunnel have already been done, and in the following days, intense works will begin. A group of Chinese works is doing works on portals today.

Ministry of Traffic and Chinese company CRBC have not yet revealed when the main construction on the tunnel will begin, but it is expected to be in the next few days.

Since the highway is in question, two parallel tunnels will be built, one of 2.850 m in length, and one of 3000 m. Chinese are tasked with the main construction, and providers will be companies from Montenegro and Croatia.

The experts are reluctant to predict when could the tunnel be finished. It is located on the 19th km of the main route from Smokovac to Mateševo. The estimate is two or two and a half years.

TV RTCG learns that the analysis showed that two third of the field are of favorable consistency, and one third is less favorable.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro