The contract with A2A passed in the Parliament, Krivokapić and Lekić did not vote

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Last night, Montenegrin representatives passed the suggestion on decision to accept shareholders contract between the state of Montenegro and Italian company A2A.

53 MPs voted – 41 voted yes, 11 no, and one refrained.

The contract was supported by DPS, Bosnian Party, Positive Montenegro, Genci Nimanbegu from Forca and Ljerka Dragičević from HGI.

Nik Đeljošaj was against, as was the opposition.

Representative of Liberal party Andija Popović, Miodrag Lekić from Demos and SDP were not present.

Vice Prime Minister Vujica Lazović said that the Italians accepted the term stating they cannot sell to the third party without an agreement from the Government.

“A2A will get the right to manage EPCG, but will take more responsibility. The state will have bigger control over management than before. There will be no arbitrage, and in the case of exit, the Government will buy A2A shares for 250 million EUR over seven yearly rates”, Lazović explained.

Leadership believes that the contract is of strategic importance for energy sector’s independence, while the opposition considers in illegal.

A2A company refused the suggestion of opposition that made them obligated to sell the shares to the state of Montenegro for 250 million EUR.

The suggestion was not in accordance with the exit strategy negotiated with the Government. Italian company did not wish to further postpone the conclusion of the contract.

The opposition announced they would leave the Government should the suggestion on decision pass.

The Parliament of Montenegro also passed the draft of the Law on confirming protocol between the Government and Czech Republic on cooperation in area of energy and infrastructure.

47 MPs voted yes, 2 voted no, there was no refrained MPs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro