The court decision on Marovic in three days

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Svetozar Marovic’s attorney Zdravko Begovic hopes that the High Court in Podgorica will accept the plea agreement agreed between his client and the prosecutor’s office. Under the agreement, Marovic admitted committing a fraud and abuse of office in the cases of construction of Donji Bulevar (the Lower Boulevard), the road in the village of Krapina, as well as in the cases Property Investment and Copyright.

“I’m absolutely sure that the court will adopt the agreement”, Begovic told reporters after the hearing in the High Court in Podgorica.

Under the plea agreement, Marovic accepted to spend a year and ten months in prison and to pay €50,000. He also took over the obligation to return €1.1m to the state budget.

Marovic was not able to talk to reporters.

“My client is unable to give you a statement for health reasons. He will provide a written statement to the media, which he asked to be fully published”, Begovic said.

He expects that judgment on the plea agreement will be known in the next three days.

In addition, the decision on another plea agreement is expected to be made on 9 September. According to the agreement, Marovic accepted to spend 30 months in prison and pay €50,000 to charity.

The two agreements are related to a total of eight Budva affairs, ie illegally engaging certain companies for construction of the Lower Boulevard in Budva, the road in Krapina, construction of collectors in Becici, as well as in the cases Property Investment, Copyright, Prijevor, Jaz and TQ Plaza.

Prosecutors accuse Marovic of being the head of a criminal group, but not of gaining any financial benefit. Cooperation witnesses Rajko Kuljaca, Igor Trnski and Mirko Latinovic stated Marovic was the boss of a criminal organisation. In the Special Prosecutor’s Office, they said that Marovic led all controversial operations and that the deals were made upon his orders.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro