The Court on Dzomic within five days

The Administrative Court shall, within five days to decide on the application for interim measures by which it will be granted stay to priest Velibor Dzomic in Montenegro, until pending administrative proceedings before the court, said its president Branislav Radulovic.

That request was submitted today to the Administrative Court.

The lawsuit is seeking annulment of the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which rejected his appeal against the decision of the Regional Unit for internal affairs Podgorica, which rejected his request for temporary stay in Montenegro.

“The process of deciding upon a request for interim measures are urgent and in accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedure, the Court must decide on it within five days of receipt of the request,” Radulovic said in an interview with the agency Mina.

He said that if the application is accepted, the legal situation is clear and that “it is not correct to comment it.”

Ministry of the Interior based its decision that Dzomic leave Montenegro on an opinion of the Agency for National Security that he represents a threat to national security.

Dzomic left Montenegro on Sunday.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro