The court process is absurd

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The decision of the Supreme Court to extend custody for another two months to the director of the Movement for Change (PZP), Dejan Vujisic, technical secretary, Zeljko Scepanovic and Momir Nikolic, shows that this is an absurd court case, it is said by PZP.

Leader of the PZP, Nebojsa Medojevic, assessed that the Supreme Court’s decision has affirmed the parties’ thesis that this is “an absurd court process”.

He explained that the Supreme Court rejected the allegations of the Special Prosecutor that “this criminal organization, known as PZP, plans to repeat the offense”.

“The Supreme Court dismissed the legal basis for extending custody – the danger of repetition of the criminal offense because in the documents submitted by the Special State Prosecutor there are no elements of the crime offense of money laundering,” Medojevic said at the press conference, news agency Mina reports.

He argues that this first trial is being conducted at the Special Prosecutor’s Office without any criminal charge: “No state competent body charged with filing or disclosing money laundering has filed criminal charges against one of the four suspects.”Medojevic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro