The courtroom is the address for the defense, not the Supreme State Prosecutor

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The defendants in the case of attempted terrorism, in the procedure before the High Court in Podgorica, use different methods of defense, but the address for this is not the Supreme State Prosecutor (VDT), the VDT Ivica Stankovic said.

“The address for it is the courtroom of the High Court in Podgorica. That is the place where all the collected evidence will be considered and the final decision made,” Stankovic said in an interview with the Mina agency.

Asked to comment on the current course of the trial, Stankovic pointed out that he was aware of the public’s interest in this hearing, but that, as a VDT, he did not want, neither was allowed to comment on the ongoing proceedings.

Asked if he believed the current course of trial has confirmed the findings of the indictment, Stankovic reminded that the indictment in the case was confirmed more than half a year ago.

“This means that the Supreme Court in Podgorica, the only relevant institution that can do it, found that there was enough evidence to substantiate the suspicions presented in the indictment of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SDT),” Stankovic stressed.

The VDT did not want to comment on the allegations of the Democratic Front (DF) that the Chief Special Prosecutor, Milivoj Katnic misused the case.

“I would not like to comment on the allegations of alleged misuses because the defendants, as I have said, independently choose the way they will defend themselves,” Stankovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro